The rewards

    of performing for

    fun and pleasure

At Mid-Cities Strings, emphasis is placed on enjoying the process of creating beautiful music. Musicians' diligence, creativity and teamwork are rewarded by the sense of gratitude & connectedness that comes with serving the communinty.

One of the first rules of a stage performer is "the audience gives back what you put out there". MCS musicians view their musical gifts as something to be shared with joy. 

​Mid-Cities Strings has inspired musicians and communities for over a decade through public performing. Come see the latest in what we have to offer in classes and performing opportunities.

Inspire others



Share your experience, knowledge and skills with other local musicians.


Our gift to the Community

Be inspired

Inspiring Musicians and Audiences

Since 2001.



Q:  Is Mid-Cities Strings just for string instruments?

A:  No, C woodwind instruments are also welcome.

Q:  What are the benefits of performing with a smaller,

      chamber orchestra over a full orchestra?

A:   First is maneuverability. Because we are not limited

      to large auditoriums for concerts, we are able to reach

      more people than a larger orchestra. Second is the types

      of music we are able to enjoy. This format allows the

      ensemble to play many more styles of music. Popular

      music arrangements for string orchestra are much more

      readily available than full orchestra arrangements.

      Musicians comment that string orchestra arrangements

      are more challenging and satisfying to play.


Q:  Quick! How can I become a part of this DFW tradition?

A:  email for details.